Have your music for sale here!

Have your CDs and Records out for sale on our online shop and in the Portuguese market!  We can work with bands and labels with just one or two releases to established labels with large catalogs.

Most of our sales are retail sales done though our online shop and Ebay page although we also make presence in music festivals and shows all over Portugal selling CDs and Records at those events.

We also run a small but effective distribution service with more than 50 costumers all over the country from big retail chains to small corner shops.


If you want your items to be available at our retail network read the FAQ and get in touch!

Can you sell my CD’s/Records?

Yes!  Just send us the list of titles you have for sale (it can be just one!) Than we will mail you back an application form that you may fill and return to us along with the items you want to sell on our shop.  This application form will have all terms and conditions and will work as a written agreement between Non Nobis Prod. and you.     


How many CD/Records shall I mail you?

You may send us 5 copies of each CD or Record you want us to sell. Please don’t send more than 5, let us see how it sells and then, if it proves to be a good seller we will order you more copies!  


Who define the retail price?

You may set the retail price in Euros. We sell for the price you tell us!


How much do I get from the sales?

Our share of the sale is 5€, so if your CD is being sold for 13€ you get 8€ and we keep 5€ to us.


How and when do I get paid?

We will mail you, every month, sales reports, so you will know how much your CD/Record sold in the last 30 days.  Along with the sales report you get a Paypal payment of your share of the sales. 

What happens if some of my items don’t sell?

The remaining copies after 6 to 9 months can be returned to you at your own expense. Or we may keep then in our catalog for more time if you wish! 

Do you do distribution?

Yes, we also do wholesale distribution, Portugal is a small market with a few record stores all over the country and we manage to setup a distribution service. So if you want your items to be in our distribution network, get in touch with us for details. We have more than 50 costumers all over the country from big retail chains to small corner shops.  The conditions mentioned above are only to CDs and Records sold directly by us on retail. 

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