Delivery Information / terms & conditions

How long will it take to get my order?
Orders usually ship within 2-5 days of processing (excluding weekends and holidays) and arrive within 1 week for Portuguese orders. Transit time to Europe can take up to 2 weeks, while transit overseas may take 3-5 weeks. 

If you PRE-ORDER an item, please read the full description for its expected ship date.

Can I check the status of my order online?
After logging in, you may click on "My Account" to view the history and status for all your orders. Once your status reaches the final stage of "Shipped", you order will then ship shortly afterwards.

What carrier do you use to ship your orders?
Currently we are using CTT (Portuguese national mail service) to ship most packages. Please note that on occasions, larger orders (over 2Kg) may be shipped through Chronopost.

What are your international order policies?
If you are an international customer, you are ordering AT YOUR OWN RISK. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do if an international package is lost in transit and can only advise for you to ask your local postal center for any information. Please note that we also DO NOT offer tracking for any international order. International orders will ship to your confirmed Paypal address.

Do you offer faster shipping options?
No, our experience with CTT tell us that opting for faster shipping options will only increase drastically the shipping fee and in the end the package won’t reach faster.

Can you mark your customs form as "Gift" or "Commercial Sample" to avoid Customs fees?
No! All orders are sent as “merchandise.” If you live outside the European Union, you are responsible for additional Custom fees and taxes that may apply to your shipment.

What are your shipping rates?
The shipping costs for every order is calculated based on your country and weight Every single item has a packaging weight the sum of the total weight of your order will correspond to a certain shipping fee. 

Do you offer free shipping or shipping rate discounts?
Yes. We may offer free shipping within Portugal when we are doing some king of promotions. Unfortunately we cannot offer free solutions for customers outside Portugal. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

we ONLY accept PayPal payments. 


Do you accept orders by phone or mail?
Sorry, at this time we do not. Any orders received through the mail will be returned.

My pending charge is higher than my total. Why?
Our system, as well as many others, may reserve a slightly higher amount than your grand total. When we initiate a final charge, your pending charge will disappear and your statement will reflect the correct total, which may be lower than your order confirmation if items had to be removed.

My pending charge has disappeared. Is my order still valid?
It is normal for our pending transactions to disappear if we do not initiate the final charge within 30 days. This will usually happen during a “Pre-order” for an item that cannot ship prior to a week before street date. Your card will be charged when your order is shipped.

I received a transaction error. What do I do?
Please verify your billing address and funds with your credit card company if you receive an error message You may re-submit your information by clicking on My Account and selecting to view your orders. Select the declined order and you will find an option to re-submit your information on the bottom of your order.


How do I order from your web-shop?
You must first create an account with a valid email address. To order, add your items in the cart first. When you are done shopping you may click on the Shopping Cart to review your items. Follow the steps by entering in your address and credit card information. Review your order at the final screen, make sure all fields are selected, and click the "Finish Checkout" link to submit your order. You will then receive an email confirmation afterwards.
When I click on "Finish Checkout", it gives me a Server Error. What do I do?
Please recheck your credit card number, billing address, and that all fields are checked. If you keep receiving the error message, please contact us at 

When will a "temporarily out of stock" item become available again?
Unfortunately, we have little control over how quickly other labels/distributors will send us restocks. The web shop will reflect a restock normally within 3 hours of being received. Please check back regularly, or sign up for our weekly email blast to stay informed of all the new items and re-stock items we receive.

An item from my order is defective or damaged. How do I exchange it?

For any problem with your order you may email

This CD sucks! Can I return it?
No. Make sure you know what you’re buying before purchasing. All returns for defective items will get a new copy of the same item in return.

While creating a new user account, the system tells me that the user name already exists. What does this mean?
If this message is shown during creation of a user account, we already have a registered customer in our database with that same e-mail address. If you already registered your account before, but can't remember your password, please use the reminder function, to get your password via email.

Why can’t I log in?
This may happen for several different reasons: 

1.) Your user name doesn’t exist; your account may not have been created yet. Please create a new account and a new user name here 
2.) Your password is wrong, please use the reminder function to get your password via email.

Where can I edit or delete a new address?
When reaching Step 2 of 5 in the Check Out process, you will find a "change" link under both the billing and shipping address fields. Please type in your new shipping and/or billing information, then click the "change" link.

I’ve forgotten my password... what can I do?
As long as you remember your user name, this is no problem. Simply select the reminder function to get your password via e-mail. If you have forgotten your user name as well, please e-mail us to get help from our team.

How safe is my personal data during transmission and storage?
We use 128bit SSL decoded connections between client and server for transmission protections. If you would like to know more about this, please refer to our general terms and conditions under data protection.

Who do I contact for order related questions?
For all order related issues (i.e. order status or payment questions), please contact our Customer Service dept. via e-mail at

Who do I contact for technical support?
For all technical issues (i.e. problems with account or error messages), please contact our I.T. dept. via e-mail at

What’s the difference between billing address and shipping address?
The billing address is the address where you receive your bank or credit card statements. The shipping address is the address where you want to receive your order. These can be different, although they must both be in the U.S. or Canada. If you enter an invalid billing address, you will receive an error message.

What is the difference between PAL and NTSC?
There are two video standards, PAL (Phase Alternating Line) and NTSC (National Television System Committee). NTSC is used mainly in North America, Japan, Mexico and Canada, and PAL is used almost everywhere else in the world including Europe, Australia and New Zealand. A PAL signal cannot be played on a NTSC DVD player, and conversely a NTSC signal cannot be played on a PAL DVD player. Please check your DVD player for what standards it can play before purchasing a PAL formatted DVD. 

*If you have a computer with a DVD-ROM, it should be able to play both formats.

Why is my CD/ Vinyl not factory sealed?
Not all CD/vinyl factories seal the products, sometimes labels don’t pay for that option when ordering them! Regardless, the CD is brand new and never played.





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